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Driven to effectively protect and aid struggling South Africans in overcoming their debt, the National Credit Act (NCA) established the legal process of Debt Counselling.

Debt Counselling, a process known to many as Debt Review, is tailored specifically to the obstacles facing over-indebted consumers, protecting them while also making it possible for all debt to be repaid. This solution is often simpler and less invasive than the more traditional methods of sequestration and administration.

The purpose of Debt Counselling is ultimately to help consumers who need it the most, rehabilitating them and in turn also improving the economy at large. Once the process has been completed and all their debts are paid back, clients of Debt Express can re-enter the credit market unburdened by a tainted record. Countries like America and England have found longstanding success with the provision of Debt Counselling, which is also proving to bear successful results in South Africa, providing relief and bettering the lives of consumers who were otherwise unable to gain control of their debt problems.

At Debt Express, our team offer a comprehensive and dedicated approach to tackling over indebtedness. With the help of Debt Counsellors who are registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator), those who aren’t able to cope with their monthly paymentsand face financial strain are equipped with sound guidance and support, where every step of the process is uncomplicated and transparent.

For consumers drowning in debt, a Debt Counsellor offers valuable advice and financial insight, knowing that debt can be overcome with a professional approach. The relief that comes with paying back debt changes the lives of those affected for the better.

Debt is one of the biggest causes of stress for consumers, and can lead to terrible repercussions such as losing possessions of valued items, a legal action known as asset repossession. A huge relief for those undergoing Debt Counselling is the protection they receive from potentially losing the assets they own, which include their vehicle and home. Additionally, all tormenting calls made by credit providers will come to an end.

At Debt Express, our professional team are there for you during a time that is essential to you becoming financially stable. We play a significant role in determining your financial future, and are guided by extensive knowledge and capability within our field of expertise. Trust us to help you take control of your life.

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About Debt Express

At Debt Express, we present our clients with the ability to repay what they owe, according to what they can manage affordably. Based on a preliminary assessment of their finances, we will correspond with our client’s creditors, and then formulate a new repayment plan that suits their monthly income and living expenses. During the Debt Counselling process, we are by your side every step of the way.

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We will help you to rise above your debts and better manage your finances. Once you’ve accomplished this, you will also have a new perspective on how you spend money. We will present you with guidelines to live according to your means, track your spending, create a budget and most importantly, live a life free of debt.