Fee Structure

What Fee Structure will be implemented?

Step Services Amount (excl. VAT) By When it Should Be Paid
Fee 1 – Application Fee Services for this fee are the submission of completed Form 16 Fee of R50 excl. VAT (as prescribed) To be fully paid upfront
Fee 2 – Administration Fee (New Fee) Services for this fee include:

  • Client consultation and sharing information on the Debt Counselling Process and costs involved
  • Process of Form 17.1
  • Loading of consumer on the DHS
  • Form 17.2 (a) outlined Rejection Process, which included notifying both consumers and relevant credit providers, updating of the DHS and regulation 25 compliance
Fee of R300 excl. VAT per application of Debt Counselling To be fully paid upfront
Fee 3 – Determination Fee Services for this fee are concluded according to the result of the complete assessment of your financial information as the consumer
Fee 3.1 – Restructuring Fee Services for this fee attend to the 17.1(b) Form process, which includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. Preparation and drafting of proposal
  2. Loading this plan on the profile of the Payment Distribution Agency used by the Debt Counsellor
  3. All negotiations done with credit providers
  4. The submission of the finalized proposal
  5. Ensuring that Debt Counselling documents reach the attorney, who will draft the court application
  6. Ensuring that the DHS is updated
  7. Transferring of the consumer
  8. Delivering instruction to the attorney to draft court application, collating and filling NCT*** application
  9. Consumer Withdrawal according the process of Form 17.W
Fee for one applicant – equal to the distributable amount or a maximum R8000 excl. VAT, depending which of the two amounts are lower

Fee for those married in Community of Property – equal to the distributable amount or a maximum R9000.002 excl. VAT, depending which of the two amounts are lower

In both instances, payment is due 1 month after proposals have been drafted and submitted
Fee 3.2 – Reckless Spending Fee (New Fee)
  1. Assessment of Reckless Lending
  2. Reckless Lending documentation being supplied to the attorney, who will in turn draft and affidavit for the outcome of the assessment
Fee of R1500 excl. VAT going towards the Debt Counselling application To be paid in the 2nd month from completion of written outcome of assessment of reckless lending
Fee 4- After Care Fee Services for this fee include:

  1. Process of Form 17.2(c)
  2. In-depth review of consumers finances
  3. Addressing payment queries
  4. The clearance process
  5. Consumer withdrawal (process of Form 17.W)
  6. Updating the DHS accordingly
Fees applicable for the complete Debt Counselling process equals 5% of the distributable amount or a maximum fee of R450 excl. VAT (whichever of the two is less) This fee is to be paid every month from the 2nd month onwards, when after care services are utilized
Fee 5 – NCT Submission Fee This fee is paid for the submission of the NCT application Fee of R500 excl. VAT (not including the associated NCT Filing Fee) which is charged Due for payment in the 2nd month after the restructuring process has been completed
Fee 6 – Attorney Fee At this point, Debt Counsellors will attempt to negotiate legal fees that are suited to your income and affordability This amount is agreed to upfront by your attorney, and is then presented to you in writing at the time that you apply for Debt Counselling.

Debt Counsellors are advised to negotiate that the legal fee be aligned to the disposable income of the consumer wherever possible

This fee is paid to your attorney for the drafting of the court application, as well as for their attendance in court

This fee should be paid to your attorney after:

  1. The court application has been drafted by the attorney
  2. The hearing of the court applicationhas been attended by the attorney
  3. The repayment plan is not accepted by one or more creditors