How It Works

Here’s how Debt Express provides you with Debt Relief

Step 1

The very first step provides our Debt Express team with insight and perspective into your affordability. This is the time for full disclosure, as our team requires extensive information about your monthly income, your budget and expenses as well as any other relevant personal and financial information. To make the process as seamless as possible, please provide your Debt Counsellor with a recent play slip, bank statement, your ID document as well as information regarding any outstanding accounts and debts you have.

Once we’ve determined what you can afford to repay each month, we’ll be able to develop a new budget according to your earnings and expenses, figure out what you can afford to pay towards debt each month, and also see if you are over-indebted and a match for the Debt Counselling process. Debt Counselling will allow you to pay back just one monthly and reduced instalment each month, towards all debt owed.

Step 2

You provide us with your signed application form, which will take anywhere from 3 to 5 working days to be processed, in order for you to be registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Once registered, your credit providers and credit bureaus will be notified that you are undergoing Debt Counselling.

Step 3

One of the expert Debt Counsellors forming part of our Debt Express team will reach out to you, providing you with your NCR number. Once received, you’re officially under Debt Counselling, which means that your credit providers will not be permitted to harass you telephonically or in any other way. You are protected from becoming blacklisted, and no legal action may be taken where it relates to your debt. The only exception is any legal action that may have already been taken against you, before your application for Debt Counselling.

Step 4

You’re well on your way to paying back your existing debts, and also cannot incur any new loans or take on any new accounts during the Debt Counselling process. This is a necessary precaution, helping you to take control of your finances and benefit from reduced fees and interest rates.

Step 5

It will take about 3 to 4 months for your court order to be granted by the Magistrate of the Court, after which time a copy of the court order will be sent to both you and your creditors.

Step 6

A reputable Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) will proceed to distribute money to your credit provides after your first two instalments have been paid – this means that your credit providers will receive all payments from your third payment onwards. During this initial negotiation phase, the amount that is distributed to your credit providers may vary.

Step 7

It is your sole responsibility to make this payment every month, according to the new repayment plan that was developed for you. This is necessary in preventing any legal action, apart from any legal action which may already have been taken against you before you started the Debt Counselling process.

Step 8

It is important to take note of any and all costs involved. While no joining fee is required, all other fees are disclosed to you here:

The Debt Counsellor assisting you will receive the first amount you pay from your reduced monthly instalment. This is to pay for the services rendered by them.

Next, all legal fees and costs incurred for attorneys and court proceedings will be taken from your second payment made. This explains why the Payment Distribution Agency only distributes the first payment to your creditors from payment 3. You won’t need to worry about the 2 starting months that do not cover your debt repayments, as these fall under our negotiated dealings with your credit providers, meaning that no legal actions may be taken against you for these payments not being made directly to them.